You get what you pay for, so they say

Sure, you have heard that one before… and most likely experienced that one before. You go for the discount haircut and come out looking like you got too close the ceiling fan. Or hired a discount contractor to remodel your kitchen, and you actually lose equity in your home due to shoddy workmanship.

Your intentions were good, you wanted to save money and still come out better than you went in. Seldom does this work out. Cutting costs will usually mean you are cutting corners. I would never suggest you blow money, be wise for sure… but put the right amount in the right place.

Your logo and your website speak for your company when you are nowhere in sight, they are the face of your business. Would you go to a “discount” facial reconstruction surgeon? I hope you answered “no”! I suggest, spend a wise amount of money on the face of your company/organization. It is better to invest money and end up confident and proud of the final product, than to save money and possibly end up looking like you got too close to the ceiling fan.