The New Year’s Resolution: THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT!

Research shows that only 8% of those who make a New Year’s Resolution actually keep it! (University of Scranton)  But we are so certain on January 1st that THIS IS IT! THIS is the time I MAKE IT HAPPEN! But then something changes, the excitement wears off, the motivation lasts only for so long then you are back to reality.

Well then what is it that really works? We all know, we just don’t wanna face it. It is true commitment. Even when you don’t feel like it! Working out for example; sometimes we wait for all the circumstances to be perfect. It has to be great weather, the right time of day, you have to feel good, no pains… THEN you will go to the gym. But waiting for the stars to align happens once in a blue moon, I mean how often does a person feel like beating their body up, sweating, barely able to breathe… just to have to come back the next day. NO ONE ever “feels like it”. But the people who see results go when they don’t feel like it. They honor the commitment no matter the weather, schedule change, or the pain in their ankle.

Whatever your goals are, mark it in your daily schedule, you have to make it happen even when you don’t feel like it – because that is when it really counts!