the process is

Quick & Easy

You Provide the Content

Photos, Videos, Wording, etc.

You provide all the content you want on the website. Photos, videos, logo, wording, color preference, etc. If you don’t have it all ready now, that is OK, I will develop your site and give you Training Videos on how to add it all in when you have it!

I Design + Develop

2 days

Using the content you provided, I design and develop the website in 2 days! No scam, I just have lots of experience, 15 years of it. This is an “I trust you” website. If you want more in depth revisions, see Full Service Web Design.

We Test and Launch!

1 day
After 2 days, you will recieve the test link, to click around the website and give feedback. You will test for accuracy and look approval, I will test for mobile devices and function. After launch you will recieve your Training Videos.

updating your website
is easy using the

Visual Editor

did I mention the

Training Videos?

Your completed website comes with Step-by-Step Training videos teaching you how to update your website within the Visual Editor. These are not canned, one-size-fits-all videos. These are videos showing you how to update each portion of your website!

a few QuickSites

The Details

1. Consultation
By phone or email, we will talk details, hopes and dreams. I will ask about any websites you like, to give me an example of your vibe. I will ask about a preferred color scheme, etc. Anything that will help me to make the site just right for you.
2. Deposit Payment
You will pay the deposit of $275 (half of the total cost) up front to begin.
3. Content
Once paid, I will ask you to send me your content. Your logo, wording, photos, videos, social media links, etc. EVERYTHING that you want on the site needs to be sent by email (not text). Otherwise, the site is developed with the info given, and any new content will be added by you after the fact. Don’t worry, the Training Videos will show you how!
4. Design + Development
Using that content, I create your new website within 2 business days. Simple as that.
5. Testing
After the 2 biz day deadline, I will send you a test link to click around your new website. You will check for content accuracy and approve the look. I will test for mobile device responsiveness and other nerdy stuff I won’t bore you with now.
6. Approval + Final Payment
Once you approve, the final payment of $275 is due.
7. LAUNCH!!!
Once paid, we launch! And you get to brag about your hot new website every chance you get.
8. Training Videos
Within one week after launch, I will create your training videos, custom tailored to your website. Showing you how to update every part of it!
9. Spread the Word
Not that ya have to, but I would appreciate that you share with people how they can get a beautiful industry-standard website built by a 15 year professional for just $550!

What is not included in a QuickSite?

Domain Name and Hosting are not included in the price. If you do not already have a domain name (.com .org) $20 will be added to the price. This covers one year and I will contact you annually for renewal.
If you do not already have hosting (Godaddy, HostGator, etc.) $75 will be added to the price. This covers one year and I will contact you annually for renewal.

E-commerce function MAY be included if you are choosing a basic shop function. Complicated functions like Membership and Subscription, or custom shipping setups will be extra and quoted during the Consultation.

Third-party plugins are not included. This means, if you want a specific music player that costs $80, you will be paying for that separately.

Other complicated function requests may be excluded from the QuickSite process, and you will be asked to see the FULL SERVICE WEB DESIGN service provided by DayOne.

If you want a more hands-on, custom design approval process with revisions, input, and bottle service (joking) then see the FULL SERVICE WEB DESIGN service provided by DayOne. QuickSite is more for folks needing a quick or cheap website that is still reliable and of industry-standard quality.