Learning to love adversity

Speed bumps. We all hate them. There’s nothing more annoying than when you’re trying your best to make it somewhere on time, you make a last minute decision to cut through a neighborhood or parking lot only to find it is riddled with these enemies of your car and schedule! Flying over them will only be disastrous, so unless you simply turn around you have no choice but to face them. They almost force you to APPRECIATE them, causing you to slow down over them, take your time, really pay attention to them. Grr.

Sometimes in running your own business there are certain speed bumps that come up. You research all you can, subscribe to entrepreneur magazines, attend webinars, and talk with others who have “made it” in order to map out as many expected issues in your start up as possible, but suddenly, that unexpected speed bump is there. You realize that you really can’t afford to turn around and not go over it because the truth is, you need what is on the other side of it and dealing with the speed bump is the fastest, most effective way – even if it means you have to slow down. Oxymoron at its finest, but talk to someone who has been in business for themselves for any number of years and you’ll find nothing rings truer.

Speed bumps can actually be very crucial growth points in the life of your business. Sometimes things are going so well (profit is coming in, advertising is working) that we can fail to notice those things that need to be just a little better – customer satisfaction or product quality control, etc. We actually need the speed bumps to make us slow down and take an account of where we truly are and how things are really going. Otherwise we’d simply continue full speed ahead and miss out on the growth that comes with adversity.