Customer Service is Dead

Let’s be real, back in the day customer service was everything. “The customer is always right” is an adage that is lost on today’s generation. In essence, “the one who can argue the best point is always right” seems to fit more with what you may experience. Think about it, you call a customer service phone number only to be made to feel like an idiot by the end of the call because they know more than you!

A personal example, about a year ago my husband and I were at a restaurant and he ordered a salad with no onion. We always order no onion, in fact it may be inscribed on our head stone one day “Here lies the Leepers, no onion please”. Anyhow… the server brought out the salad with onion and we politely said “I’m sorry, we ordered no onion” and she said “You didn’t say that”. We said, “Yes we did but it is ok.” She grabbed the salad and stormed off. I share this story to say, if “the customer is always right” was still a taught mantra, then she would have just taken responsibility for the minor action with a good attitude.

So where do we go from here as a product or service provider? Bring emphasis back to solid customer service. Train employees to “respect beyond reasonable doubt” as I like to say. Even if you know for fact that you are right, digress with a positive attitude, apologize and seek a solution. The customer must be treated as if they are 100% right… 100% of the time. Remember, without the customer no one gets a paycheck!